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Why choose us as your coach?

Coaching is our passion.

  • We are committed to supporting you on your journey despite your ups and downs.

  • We are professionally trained and skilled in coaching.

  • We will coach you in areas related to goal success, cultivating a growth mindset, discovering your life purpose, happiness, confidence, and authentic and generative leadership in a cross-cultural context. (Please note that there is an overlap in most of these pursuits.)

  • You are determined to make marked improvements in your personal and professional life.

  • You are also determined to address specific issues with the help of a coach and get yourself to the next level.

  • But you are not interested in just any coach. Instead, you are interested in getting coached by either Florence or Olga.

We are delighted to find out how we may support you.


Please sign up for a 20-minute zoom or FaceTime discovery consultation for us to find out where you will need coaching and how we proceed to coach you to achieve your objectives. During this consultation, you will witness how we work, and you will be able to determine whether Florence or Olga is a good fit for you.


We reiterate our discretion and the confidentiality of the session.

⇒ Now go to Contact Us and fill out the form.

⇒ Please fill out the contact details and answer a few questions to get us started.

We look forward to talking with you soon.

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