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I have worked with Florence for 5+ years on and off in my career. We usually meet once a month, either online or offline, as needed. She has helped me to migrate my career journey from a project member in a corporation to a tech entrepreneur. She has helped me to address my new work style by overcoming my blockers. More importantly, she helped me understand the stakeholders' interests and fears from a broader perspective, which most of us miss when we try to do it all on our own.


People need accountability buddies when they need to advance their career journeys. She is the coach I want to recommend for those who seek transformation no matter the stage of their career.

(Erina, JAPAN)

It was an awarding journey. First, I stepped in with Olga for six months of coaching experience. She was a partner who helped me find the most appropriate and effective way to create the change I desired. Her coaching style was energetic and dynamic, and she provided supportive guidance.


Olga helped me think clearly and disrupted the behavioral patterns that pulled me back. She consistently challenged me to do the heavy lifting and discover the hard lessons for myself. I like how Olga opened my mind to resourceful and witty hacks to practice daily, and I acquired the invaluable skills that will be with me for the rest of my life. I am profoundly thankful and highly recommend Olga as a coach to anyone who would like to develop managerial competencies further or is willing to unlock their untapped potential. 


Having worked as a therapist for many years, I was used to dealing with people's personal and professional issues. However, when my family abruptly relocated to Southeast Asia, I had to adapt to a new life outside my home country. It was the first time I lived as an expatriate, and I felt like a fish out of water. Florence helped me navigate this new life and work experience. Her insightful and comprehensive coaching helped me learn to adapt to new customs. In addition, she provided me with the kind of feedback which demonstrated extensive cross-cultural business experience and pushed me to generate the type of behavior I needed in my new work and living space. More importantly, I succeeded in overcoming obstacles and setting up a new online practice.

(Patrick, USA)

Olga has been a trusted adviser and coach to me on many occasions when I need clarity of thought and an unbiased approach. She is a highly experienced and thoughtful coach who helped me during the challenging time in my career and supported the smoothest transition I have ever had in my career. I especially liked her versatile and impartial listening skills, her unique approach, and her ability to challenge without false illusions but with only honest feedback, and at the same time, with complete empathy and compassion.

Olga is the first person I  go to when I  face any issue or dilemma. I am happy to strongly recommend her to everyone earnestly seeking to achieve more, shift perspectives, and tackle myriad situations.

(Oksana, JAPAN)

I thought I had found my dream job, but soon the new responsibilities became overwhelming and very stressful, and I started questioning my recent move. Thanks to Florence's thought-provoking prodding, deep listening, and insightful guidance, I learned to see the challenges I faced as opportunities. I learned to adjust my mindset to my new functions. Florence made me understand how to use my transferable skills, and eventually, I sought to acquire new skills on my own to succeed in my unique position.

(Min, JAPAN)

I started working with Olga when I felt stuck in life and career and lacked the confidence and courage to move forward. Olga created and held a reflective and thought-provoking but still safe space. She provided invaluable support for my private research, reflection, and decision-making.

Healthily balanced self-awareness, challenge, encouragement, and accountability allowed me to regain my self-confidence, break through self-imposed limitations, and implement concrete-inspired actions.

Coaching with Olga was a unique discovery and rewarding transformation journey to the depth of my concerns and the inner resources of my energy and motivation. This experience resulted in my personal and professional growth and led to lasting change and transformation.

(Elena, UKRAINE)

Florence has helped me transition back into the working world after a hiatus brought on by child-rearing years and life as an expatriate. As my youngest child reached schooling age, I felt an overwhelming desire to reintegrate into the working world. In addition, however, I deeply desired to change my career path. Florence patiently helped me to think beyond the simple job search. Instead, she encouraged me to uncover my passions and strengths.

She supported me throughout the investigation and prepared me to succeed in my career transformation. This career transformation proved to be one of the best experiences I have had so far.

(Natasha, FRANCE)

Olga has been coaching me for months now. It has been a very insightful journey for me. The way she slowly unfolds every aspect of my life, connecting it to every significant/minor issue, makes this process very soulful for me. Sessions with her lead me to a place of powerful awareness and acceptance. The best thing I like about her is her pure compassion toward me.

(Arti Khandelwal, INDIA)

Transformational career coaching ⎜Self-awareness and self-actualization ⎜ Reduce my stress ⎜Build my self-confidence ⎜Change my life

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