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"If you feel lost, disappointed, hesitant, or weak, return to yourself, to who you are, here and now, and when you get there, you will discover yourself, like a lotus flower in full bloom, even in a muddy pond, beautiful and strong"

(Masaru Emoto)


We grew up on a different continent, believing nothing was impossible, and we still do.


We have been exposed to living, studying, and working internationally.


We have often had to reinvent our lives and careers to become transformational coaches.


We met while working for the same organization and realized we had similar backgrounds and views on our coaching approaches.


We were also acutely aware of the lack of transformational coaches working from the angle of our international experience and specialties. Therefore, it motivated us to team up and offer our coaching services as we are passionate about evoking transformation in your lives.


Our unique strength lies in combining various approaches from psychology, coaching, and in-depth practical business experience. We bring pragmatism and positive focus into our coaching sessions that transmit serenity and support while challenging you to trigger reflection and action from your side.

We both like to dig deeper and see what others can't see. As a result, we can help you see beyond your day-to-day roles and responsibilities. We can support you in reconnecting with your authentic self.

Amongst our passions, we enjoy helping our clients gain more clarity and confidence in their personal and professional activities. We will help you create achievable solutions.

We thrive in multicultural environments through our shared cultural upbringings, education, and professional experiences. We focus on Leadership Development, Career Management, Career Transformation, Agile Mindsets, Women leadership, Self-awareness, Emotional Intelligence, Personal Growth and Transformation, Self-management, and working through Life and Professional transitions - all in a cross-cultural context.

So, our ultimate mission is to:


  • inspire your innate creativity, intuition, and intrinsic motivation,

  • empower your inner resources,

  • enable you to discover and define your purpose, and

  • maintain your physical, emotional, and mental well-being.


So, if you are feeling stuck, unfulfilled, burnt out, or have started to think about changing your career path, want to explore something new, and are ready to challenge the impossible, let's discuss how we can help you make it happen.

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As a dual French and German citizen raised in Asia and with international educational and professional experience across four continents, she is used to working with people from diverse nationalities and in different languages.


She has a solid and successful background as an entrepreneur, magazine publisher, translator, sales & marketing representative, and product planner. She has an MBA in General Management from the McGill University Desautels Faculty of Management. Through her extensive work experience, she has developed the skills to address personal projects, business objectives, general conditions, and transitions in her life and create positive results. She has always welcomed and embraced significant transformations in her personal and professional life to remain viable in her career. She learned to use her experience and transferable skills to help her navigate new territory.

She has learned both from her successes as well as from her failures. Recently she worked for an international group providing peer-to-peer advisory services for SME owners and partners. Through this experience, she learned more about business owners' different issues and opportunities. In addition, she works as an entrepreneur in a wine import and sales company set up ten years ago in Japan. She wants to keep herself informed about everyday business practices by maintaining a connection in this worthwhile venture.


Since 2016 she has worked as a business coach with businesspeople in Japan and overseas, looking to overcome the unique obstacles they face, explicitly addressing transitions in a cross-cultural environment. The pandemic further revealed and manifested her extensive experience in coaching businesspeople in a global context. Furthermore, she is a good listener and enjoys getting to know new people.


All her clients acknowledged the positive results of going through transformations with Florence as she provided them with the ability to uncover their authentic selves and helped them to acquire the mindset and tools to go through change comfortably. In addition, she allowed them to develop a presence or visibility in the workplace as a company employee or a business owner. She also helped them build an active and supportive network. Furthermore, she provided them with balancing their home and work life and leveraging career opportunities, among other things.


Florence continuously sought to acquire the latest tools to coach her clients in their transformations effectively. She also mastered her coaching skills to make herself a more compelling proposition to the market she serves. Along with a Master Coach certification, Florence has both Neuro-linguistic Programming Master Practitioner and NLP Practitioner certifications. She has also had experience with cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), which helps reframe clients with what they see, hear, and interpret so that their thinking becomes an enabler rather than a blocker. Florence speaks French, English, and Japanese.


Olga has extensive 25-plus years of experience in business leadership positions at a reputed international company. Throughout her career, she acquired solid expertise in leading organizations, gained a substantial degree of cross-cultural sensitivity, and developed a positive coaching mindset with a proactive and reflective approach to coaching.


With time she realized that she derived more energy, purpose, and inspiration from helping people rather than hitting business targets. Consequently, that led her to make a significant career change. She studied Clinical Organizational Psychology (the primary drivers of human behavior and the hidden dynamics within organizations) and has a master’s degree in Consulting ad Coaching for Change. She also has an MBA in General Management, which resulted in her substantial personal and professional transformation before Olga became an executive and transformational coach.

Her intuitive and collaborative coaching style combines a psychodynamic approach based on a caring presence and a non-judgmental in-depth listening style.


She focuses on individual and personal, spiritual, and leadership development and transformation. Her style is anchored in the combination of her business expertise, practical knowledge, experience in organizational behavior, coaching certification, academic education in psychology, and cross-cultural communication.


She combines the right blend of challenge, support, and inspiration to help her clients find their solutions. Her mission is to facilitate transformation and act as a thought partner to her clients and help them reconnect with their inner resources to speed up the recovery process of their full autonomy at their own pace.

Her purpose is to support her clients honestly and objectively with positive energy, enthusiasm, ethical responsibility, clear focus, and perseverance. This, in turn, allows her clients to make sustainable positive changes in their lives and to create more harmony and happiness within themselves.


Olga brought to coaching her professionalism in serving her clients and strives to deliver optimal solutions to them, along with her commitment to constantly improving her capacity as a thought partner.


Therefore, she regularly partners with ICF-accredited coaches and management consulting firms, is a Harvard Medical School/McLean Hospital Institute of Coaching Professional Association member, and regularly participates in ESMT Coaching Colloquiums and professional training held by institutions across the globe.

Olga speaks Russian, Ukrainian, and English.

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You are welcome to request Florence or Olga for a 20-minute discovery session. During the session, we will determine how we can help you and if you are a better fit with either of us, along with which package best suits your needs.

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